Murder in White Lace

Mia Walters is a bridal consultant at Wedding Belles Bridal in Crystal Shores, California.  With her boss on vacation, Mia’s plans for a quiet week are changed dramatically when Jennifer collapses in the shop during a fitting.  The bride-to-be dies at the hospital, apparently poisoned.  With her childhood friend Andy accused of the murder, Mia decides to investigate.

Mia has help from her new assistant Keiko and the other colorful residents of Crystal Shores.  The handsome Detective Cruz doesn’t want her getting involved, but finds himself asking for her insights, since she knows everyone in town and has an uncanny knack for finding things.  Will she find the murderer?  Or will the murderer find her first?

2 thoughts on “Murder in White Lace

    • The website/blog is brand new and still under construction, so I haven’t let too many people know about it yet. I’ve been focusing on the marketing side of things, which has been fun because I love learning new things!


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