Karen Sue Walker

Karen Sue Walker has experience with wedding gowns. She co-designed and sewed the gown that her daughter wore at her wedding. She even considered going into the wedding gown business, but decided to write about it instead.

Karen is a big fan of cozy mysteries, especially those by Joanne Fluke and Jana DeLeon. She was inspired to write her own cozy during a stay at the Crystal Cove Cottages.

Her muse and biggest supporter is her daughter, Jasmine. Her eight year old granddaughter has also given her advice. And let’s not forget Steve, who has provided moral support as well as the name Crystal Shores for the town where Mia’s adventures take place.

She is very grateful to her critique group who helped her polish her novel and have made her a better writer. Special thanks to Diana, Lee, Bill (watch those filter words!), Jacqui (use active verbs!), Shari (thank you so much for being my beta reader), Chuck, and the rest of the gang.